Month: May 2019

Funds for Protest: Loan Protest

0 Comments May 29, 2019

When we ask for a loan, the banks or the financial institutions to which we turn make preventive checks at the databases to assess our creditworthiness and our reliability. In the event that there were problems related to payments of previous loans or bills or unpaid checks we should resort to loans for protested or […]

Can advance payments – Advance Loan

0 Comments May 21, 2019

Here we explain whether or not it is possible to make advance payments. Good Finance is not a traditional institution that lends its own funds, but an intermediary between those who can lend their money and those who request it. That is, the people who lend receive the direct interest of those who apply for […]

Retroactivity of the annual cancellation of the loan insurance,

0 Comments May 16, 2019

The Constitutional Council will decide on January 12 about the extension of the annual cancellation of the credit insurance to all the contracts prior to February 22, 2017. A definitive answer expected on January 12, 2018 The project was long desired but arrived at the beginning of last year. In addition to the possible insurance […]